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Flat 130, Balfron Tower pop-up, Interior Tilly Hemingway, Photo Edward Haynes, National TrustFlat 130 pop-up, Balfron Tower
Interior by Wayne & Tilly Hemingway, Flat 130, Balfron Tower, Goldfinger, NT London pop-up, Photo © Susannah CharltonRotating ashtray
Living Room, Flat 130, Balfron Tower by Goldfinger, before NT London pop-up, Photo © Sophia Schorr KonLiving room - note UPVC windows - Before (Photo Sophia Schorr-Kon/NT )
Interior by Wayne & Tilly Hemingway, Flat 130, Balfron Tower, Goldfinger, NT London pop-up, Photo courtesy Ed Haynesand After (Photo Edward Haynes/NT)

National Trust pops up at Balfron Tower


Balfron Tower, Trellick‘s older sister, is about to be refurbished, so this short pop-up by National Trust London was a chance to see one of the flats in… More…

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J R James Cumbernauld housingHousing in Cumbernauld, J R James archive
J R James Teeside studyVisualisation as part of Teeside study, J R James archive
JR James Harlow open marketHarlow open market, J R James archive
JR James Univ of SussexUniversity of Sussex, J R James archive

Images of C20 Britain from archive of planner JR James


The University of Sheffield have made available on Flickr a collection of historic photographs and plans from the archive of influential planner J R ‘Jimmy’ James. The archive includes… More…

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Feibusch_0004webChristian carrying hs burden. Photos courtesy Nathaniel Hepburn
Feibusch_0010webBeing welcomed by angels - note the marks of chair backs on the right. Courtesy Nathaniel Hepburn
Feibusch_0005webThe area used as a goal by children playing in the crypt. Courtesy Nathaniel Hepburn
Feibusch_0020webChristiana's journey. Courtesy Nathaniel Hepburn

Feibusch’s mural of Pilgrim’s Progress hidden in Eastbourne


Hidden away in the crypt of Eastbourne’s St Elizabeth’s church (built in 1938 and due to be demolished), is an extraordinary mural by Hans Feibsuch based on the story… More…

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01-Isokon-Building-Lawn-Road-FlatsOriginal marketing material for the apartment block

Isokon Gallery opens


The Isokon Building, chosen as one of our 100 Buildings 100 Years under its original name Lawn Road Flats, has just turned 80, and is now home to a new… More…

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