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100 Buildings 100 Years


Whilst much of C20’s time is spent providing ongoing support and advice to architects and planning authorities, every so often something stands as a bigger problem – that’s when we launch one of our campaigns.

Sometimes our campaigns have centred on spefiic types of building, sometimes on a particular period of design, who knows what future campaigns will be needed. Most often our campaigns need the help and support of our members to gather information and help us lobby for recognition of the merits of something previously unloved.

This page gives details of current and past campaigns, and also links you to other groups whose local campaigns we welcome and support – so let us know if you are doing something that you would like included.

Catherine Croft
Director, C20 Society


The post-war years were a time of tremendous experimentation with public art – as well as architecture. Our campaign hopes to highlight that and show that unfortunately many are not protected.

K8 Telephone Boxes
The red telephone box is again under threat. This time however it’s the 1960s version. Kiosk 8 or K8 as it has become known was unveiled in 1968 as a modern version of the ‘classic’ red phone box. Unless they are listed, K8s will soon be extinct. We hope this campaign will result in the preservation of the remaining examples of this design classic.

1970s Architecture
70s fashion has been revisited and extensively studied, but academic appraisal of the architecture of the 1970s is only just beginning. We’ve highlighted the need for more research and analysis and now we are asking our members and supporters to let us know which 70s buildings they admire.

Past Campaign